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The High School Dance offers a window into the beginning of an enduring, and at times, magical relationship that led to the heartwarming Christmas trilogy featuring The Reindeer Keeper, The Snowman Maker and ending with The Candle Giver. Every love story has a beginning and this love story between a sophomore girl with a ponytail and a senior boy who's the star quarterback of the football team is simply meant to be.

In The High School Dance, Abbey is still dealing with the loss of her mother. Abbey's close to her father. He eventually encourages Abbey to spread her wings as she begins her sophomore year. She is also encouraged by her former dance instructor. Abbey loves dancing but quit taking lessons after her mother died. However, Abbey does assist the instructor with the youngest students on Saturday mornings. But on one particular Saturday morning, Abbey is unable to help out. She has plans to go to the last football game of the season with her two friends. If the team wins, they go on to the State Finals.

Most of the girls watching the game will be keeping an eye on the handsome quarterback. Abbey has seen him in the hallways but has never looked him in the eye. After all, Steve is a senior. Following the game, there will be a dance in the school gym. Abbey can't wait to jitterbug. But it's the last slow dance of the night that changes Abbey's life forever, proving how some things are meant to be.

  • 53 pages

  • Published November 10, 2020

  • Women's Fiction

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