Collection: Magical Snowflakes Collection

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the change of seasons. And when it is time for winter again, the excitement only grows.

My mother used to tell me how I'd run right out the front door when I was little, without shoes or coat, hat or mittens if I noticed it was snowing. I still get that feeling. A take-your-breath-away feeling minus running out the front door without a coat.

I have concluded snowflakes are wondrous. They swirl and sparkle and grow into mighty drifts. They cover trees, the barns, the homes and fields like fleece blankets. They turn into snowballs and snowmen and snow forts. And amazingly, so amazingly snowflakes bring Santa Claus and that's the most magical feeling of all.

It's no surprise I love writing Christmas stories or illustrating winter scenes. It’s all about Magical Snowflakes, swirling, sparkling, magical snowflakes.